Sunday, 5 September 2010


hola!! okay so we made it to Utupua and back in one piece!! think of the best place in the world and then multiply it by 10! it was absolutely unreal!! proper island village feel....the boat ride started off good, lots of ups and downs!! we trave;lled at night time so all the stars were out!! so so so so many stars!! we could see the milky way!! and we saw the moon rise!! we didnt even know that was possible!! it was stunning!! but there was a lot of sea sickness!! but we made it.....we got to ride in a canoe, swim in a beautiful waterfall, teach english and science, treat patients, eat loads of local food, make beautiful friends, go fishing and catching fish!! and it was so basic, we had to wash outside, use mangrove trees as toilets!!! hahaha....what an experience!! its crazy to think how remote these people are, there is no other way of getting to them other than boat and if the sea is rough you cannot get there!! it really was such an amazing adventure and we were very lucky to have gone....for people ever reading the blog in future who are planning to go to solomons they must try and visit the outer islands in the temotu province as the life is so different to anywhere else!  everyone is so friendly and open to you, the children are so much fun and life is simple and free of worries! oh and we saw a shooting star!!

so boat ride back was better in terms of sea, less bumpy but so hot, we got baked in the sun so much!! so now we are back to lata life, enjoying swimming in the sea and the fresh water source and seeing patients and just doing what we can!!

facebook is being gay so im sorry for not responding to messages, if you need to contact either of us just post a comment as they usually come up!

big hugs and lots of love to you all....


Sunday, 29 August 2010

temotu province

hey guys!! okay so we are hoping to go to the other islands tonight by boat!! the doctor is planning to do vasectomies in the communities so we are going with him...hovever nothing is for certain here as plans change so often...if the sea is very rough we cannot go as it is a small boat but for now we r going!! temotu province has many islands and 1 doctor as i told some of you so that is why we are going to visit them....hopefully it goes well and if we go we will return thursday back to lata!!

today was the best day at the hospital so far...we got to see the patients, prescribe, diagnose and everything...felt very useful!!

we r starting to hate breakfast crackers as they have been our last 3 meals!!!!! lol....we hope to keep you posted soon....

much love!! xxxxx

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


HEY EVERYONE!! okay so we made it to lata and havnt been able to blog as internet not so great! time limmited so sorry bout spleeing...

WE arrived and we met a lovely guy who is staying here working on malaria prevention - John...he has been showing us around and helping us with things....he took us fishing on our first day here!!! ahhhh!!!! so we caught fish and ate our fish!! how cool ios that!!!! then we went and swam in a spring!! really clear water!! lovely!!!

we went to hospital and have mety doc and nurses!! not so much patients so we are starting a media awareness campaign!! on scrub typhus...we are gona be going into school to talk about it!

oh and a coconut nearly fell on my head!!! that was soooooooooo scary!! but we are okay...

love you all....we will b back!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 20 August 2010


Hey all!! okay so we made it to Honiara!! and....we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted at the airport by ranjit Hewagama aka uncle!! JULIA I LOVE U!!! lol, he has been an absolute star!! we were planning on staying overnight in the airport which apparently u cant do here so we were saved!! he picked us up from the airport, took us to change our money, checked us into a motel, and is now about to take us out to dinner!! so thank you so much for having a wonderful uncle and for letting him know about us!!! He also said he would take us out to a lankan restaurant on our journey home!!

Okay so we checked in and there was a water cut so after 3 daysish of travelling we STILL havn't showered!!! hopefully soon!!

so....its an absolutely great island with beautiful, friendly people and an atmosphere similar to Sri Lanka!! and there is soooooooo much green around!! 2mo our lovely ranjit uncle is picking us up at 6am and taking us to the ariport for our final leg of the journey!!! then we will be in lata!! so we will hopefully check in again soon!!!

Oh weather is bearable, hot and humid but so far so good!! mosquitos not attacked too much yet....still hate doxycycline!!

hope all of you are well!!

big hugs!! xxxx

Thursday, 19 August 2010


HOLA!! this is our 1st blog!! ahhhhh!!! hope ur all as excited as we are!!

Okay so we arrived in Hong Kong which we think was the 19th!! we had a lil bit of trouble blogging as Chrish obviously was using the wrong email address! typical! but thanks to nishy (love you) its all been sorted!!

So we are in Australia at the moment!! we had to stay here overnight- bout 10 hours!! nearly over, we board very soon!! flight was fine, and we are safe and happy!! very tired of travelling but still happy!!!\everyone in australia is so friendly!!

Chris here....hey all!! we are doing well...and we are making friends along the way!! its awesome!!

Okay guys we don't know when our next blog will be but we are hoping to keep you posted as much as we can!!!

oh ro-hope the interview went well!!

lots of love to you all...we already miss u!!!

big hugs! xxxxx